Project Focus & Feedback

Here you can view in more detail a few of our most recent projects along with comments from our clients.

Maserati Heater Control Knobs

Customer Comments:
"I was missing a heater control knob on Maserati 3200 and impossible to buy without huge expense buying a completely new unit! I then found James at Print Solid. 

I was able to send him another heater control which he copied and made, and the results are superb. Fitted beautifully and indistinguishable from the original and at a fraction of the price. Great communications. Overall, One very happy customer."

John, Surrey, UK

From Print Solid:
This was an interesting project and a classic example of where print orientation is so important. 

3D printers work in layers, so think of the layers much like the grain in a piece of wood, if you can work with them, in the correct orientation, you will have a much stronger print.

One of the challenges with items such as these knobs was the clips on the rear,  these had to be strong enough to activate the mechanism behind, whilst flexible enough to spring out and hold the knob in place.

By printing on an edge we were able to ensure the layers ran along the legs rather than across them, this made for a strong clip which could be deformed during installation without breaking.

Electric Go-Kart Hubs

Customer Comments:
"With the luck of my measurements and the quality of your printing the Hubs were absolutely bloody amazing. 

The boy now has a twin motored garden quad!!

Fantastic work, Thanks again."

Richard, Essex

From Print Solid:
The customer supplied an STL file along with dimensions,  we were able to print the item to the customers specification and have it back with him in under 48-hours.

Bespoke Numberplate Surround

Customer Comments:
"But James I don’t like it... I LOVE IT! 

This feels like the missing piece of the jigsaw"

Carl, Norfolk

From Print Solid:
We designed this bespoke surround to fit to the rear of a DeLorean motor car with a British number plate.

The plastic surround was missing from the client's car since new and as a result there were no fixing holes drilled into the bumper. 

The client was keen not to drill any holes so we designed and printed him a version with no screw holes which could be affixed with high strength 3M foam tape.

This was a new twist on the surround based on the cars front grill which we had also reproduced for a client.