Print Solid Ltd.

Design and 3D Printing for Classic Cars & Motorcycles

Welcome to Print Solid Ltd.

Print Solid design and manufacture bespoke parts predominantly for classic car restorers and clubs, bringing no longer available parts back to the market. We design new and updated products to retrofit to older vehicles in response to demand from clubs and classic car associations and individual car owners.

Our printers run 24-hours a day 7 days a week enabling us to turn around orders in a relatively short time frame, but it's not all about the big stuff, many of our commissions are small one off brackets and clips.

From that elusive trim clip for a Datsun 240z to bespoke induction scoops for a DeLorean Motor Car, Print Solid can design a solution and manufacture in low volume, extremely cost effectively.

We are located in Colchester, Essex but ship domestically and internationally.

What can we help you with?

Simply give us a call on the number below or email with an outline of your requirements.

Call James on 07890 639444

DeLorean Front Grill

Case Study - DeLorean Front Grill

We reproduced a full sized front grill for a DeLorean owner, we also designed and printed a bespoke version with 'Knight-Rider' style strobe light embedded behind the grill.

DeLorean Cup Holder

Case Study - DeLorean Strut Cover

Working with another designer we were tasked with printing and finishing some small covers for the rear strut mount on a DeLorean.

Tyres and balancing

Case Study - Singer Sowing Machine

We were approached by a keen seamstress who's singer sewing machine has a broken plastic button. We re-design and printed a functional replacement within 2-hours!

Datsun Trim Clips

Case Study - Datsun 240z Trim Clips

A local car trimming company approached us to assist with a Datsun 240z which they were re-trimming.

DeLorean Cup Holder

Case Study - DeLorean Cup Holder

Print Solid designed and manufactured a cup and smartphone holder for the DeLorean motor car.

Tyres and balancing

Case Study - DeLorean Side Scoops

Print Solid designed and manufactured a new induction scoop system for the DeLorean Motor Car to air flow to the engine inlet.

Datsun Trim Clips

Case Study - Camaro Z/28 Trim Clips

A contact at a local car club was short of 3 clips for his spare wheel cover in his 2002 Chevrolet Camaro. His only option was buying tatty looking used ones at great expense but Print Solid were happy to reproduce them.

DeLorean Cup Holder

Case Study - HVAC Link Arm

A small link arm in the air conditioning system of a 1980's classic car had become brittle and failed, we improved on the design to make it stronger and printed them for the client.

Tyres and balancing

Case Study - Number Plate Clips

Out of production for many years, these simple little clips were re-drawn in CAD and printed in PETG and are used to secure the rear license plate on the rear of a classic car.

Datsun Trim Clips

Case Study - Solar Panel Brackets

Owner of a houseboat required brackets to mount solar panels to the curved roof of his boat. Using a rough, wooden prototype supplied by the customer we reproduced left and right hand versions.

DeLorean Cup Holder

Case Study - Fishing Rod Guide

A keen local fishing enthusiast asked if we could redesign the back plate for his line sensors as his rod kept falling out of the original. It's not quite classic car, but we were pleased to help.

Tyres and balancing

Case Study - PPE Face Shields

Print Solid joined forces with thousands of UK printers to manufacture face shields during the start of the COVID19 Pandemic.  These were donated free of charge to front line health workers, care homes and schools. Over 2000 units were dispatched from our Colchester hub.