Design and 3D Printing for Classic Cars & Motorcycles

COVID-19 UPDATE - Doing our bit...

We are currently manufacturing PPE face masks designed by Prusa Research which are being donated to front line health workers.

Please be aware that as all our machines are focused on this worthy cause other projects will take longer to complete. There is also a UK shortage of filament due to the combined effort of the 3D printing community focusing on this project which will also have an impact on turn around time.

Please email us with your requirements and we will be able to advise you accordingly.

Stay safe.

James Russell-Grant

 Welcome to PrintSolid

PrintSolid design and manufacture bespoke parts for classic car restorers and clubs, bringing no longer available parts back to the market. We design new and updated products to retrofit to older vehicles in response to demand from clubs and classic car associations.

From that elusive trim clip for a Datsun 240z to bespoke induction scoops for a DeLorean motor car, PrintSolid can design a solution and manufacture in low volume, extremely cost effectively.

We are located in Colchester, Essex.

What can we help you with?

Simply give us a call on the number below or email with an outline of your requirements and we'll get back to you with our thoughts.

Call James on 07890 639444

Datsun Trim Clips

Case Study - Datsun 240z Trim Clips

A local car trimming company approached us to assist with a Datsun 240z which they were re-trimming.

DeLorean Cup Holder

Case Study - DeLorean Cup Holder

An owner approached us about designing and manufacturing cup holders for the DeLorean motor car.

Tyres and balancing

Case Study - DeLorean Side Scoops

We were tasked with creating a new induction scoop for the DeLorean Motor Car with some strict criteria.

Datsun Trim Clips

Case Study - Camaro Z/28 Trim Clips

A contact at a local car club was short of 3 clips for his spare wheel cover in his 2002 Chevrolet Camaro. His only option was buying tatty looking used ones at great expense but PrintSolid were happy to reproduce them.

DeLorean Cup Holder

Case Study - HVAC Link Arm

A small link arm in the air conditioning system of a 1980's classic car had become brittle and failed, we improved on the design to make it stronger and printed them for the client.

Tyres and balancing

Case Study - Number Plate Clips

Out of production for many years, these simple little clips were re-drawn in CAD and printed in PETG and are used to secure the rear license plate on a DeLorean motor car.